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[首尔] 7号线面牧站1号出口附近,舒适好房,拎包入住,带家具和空调

发表于 2017-1-2 10:34:38 | 只看该作者 回帖奖励 |倒序浏览 |阅读模式
所在地区 首尔
房屋类型 单身公寓/one room
房屋楼层 四楼
房屋户型 1室
保证金 500万韩币
月租价格 45万韩币/月
隐藏内容  招租时间 2017-01-01
请登陆查看      结束时间 招到为止
房屋配置 地暖 洗衣机 床 冰箱 空调 衣柜 书桌 厨房 卫生间 
详细地址 7号线面牧站1号出口


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本帖最后由 正能量小妞 于 2017-1-2 10:35 编辑 # r6 H9 b% r0 l  c( R' r" X1 Q

; u" l5 D/ Y) m+ O& M& o是跟房东直接签合同的,家具和床,还有空调都是房东的,房子本身带的,拎包就可入住。$ D  U% ^2 Q0 q& M/ {: G
9 ~4 ]  W( t5 I) ?
' J) D) G6 n: J+ e) M. F8 q保安十分完善,进楼门有密码锁,楼下有停车位,需要的话可以跟管理室申请。
) O8 Y6 P& R, G
* ^( ?6 r4 w( Z! i% r欢迎随时来看房,联系电话:010-3328-2773- J5 x2 x  `2 ?
QQ 116244184微信 xiaoyueyue123
, l: t+ X  W3 I7 E# v" v因为回国机票已经订好了,所以希望尽快来看房。! G& U/ h! e$ s  t' N. Q  }( G
+ b1 O7 E- V5 t. P
- e6 n- _8 X: t6 ^- Y* J

* R2 A! W. M2 Q5 {- N照片上是之前的照片所以有点,现在都已经全都收拾出来了,干干净净的。% C  q0 r6 o7 J
' U% T7 E3 O8 d2 B. t3 G9 J+ G6 g9 P$ i8 t9 T
5 _4 n) H9 M: @& V1 p* b  W

+ _) J0 B/ N- E
& q6 @! x0 U7 V7 ?5 t8 |% F


海!外直播 t.cn/RxlBL8D 禁闻视频 t.cn/RxBCc6t 男子带11罐奶粉过关被抓。我活了几十年,带白粉被抓的见过不少,但是带奶粉被抓还真没见识过。郑渊洁:卖坏奶粉的不坐牢,买好奶粉的坐牢,童话故事都不敢这么写..  发表于 2017-4-25 15:38
发表于 2017-2-12 20:17:15 | 只看该作者
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发表于 2017-3-23 17:25:04 | 只看该作者

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发表于 2017-3-28 01:58:53 | 只看该作者
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发表于 2017-3-31 09:13:11 | 只看该作者
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发表于 2017-3-31 20:07:04 | 只看该作者
走淘宝虽然慢一些 客服很耐心讲解流程并指导作! 不错诚信商家
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发表于 2017-4-23 03:12:56 | 只看该作者

more and more stabl

more and more stable ask for free and share their less experience,do exercise will feel more energy you also have to face the next question: as you age rise.legs will be core de force cut into the pork stir fry. core de force mma So. standing dumbbell country heat beachbody curl. you know how many stars are on drugs start out running. after the completion of the fitness Custom ID Cards of the three scenarios for analysis. can find an experienced trainer given guidance." E; F% }1 \, G- e1 D/ O
   selects zero based adaptive training. You know girls have to work hard to be 22 minute hard corps beautiful.& N7 P( ?" E/ u0 |# [
  5 X' d2 P# {, a# i/ j- F/ c) q5 b5 u
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& Y& }& O2 K6 D, h   ?mod=viewthread&tid=4103&pid=424806&page=118&extra=page=1#pid424806& }3 i0 a" u: X/ Y* O8 _
1 F- c  y1 {# H' a   ?mod=viewthread&tid=893&pid=3045&page=9&extra=page=1#pid30454 D3 v# \( F/ }2 O! p; v2 D
& `2 E* s% u8 ~+ ~) [6 r3 X   ?mod=viewthread&tid=1698&pid=18276&page=1&extra=page=1#pid18276
. Q. O5 r: @* w7 h7 R  n  
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" d# K1 m" W( ?& @+ `% v  X- ~% C) y  
$ O3 [" T, _* [( V9 M: D) p: c  a   ?aid=263" W) u' X! R( I  E3 k
' ~: w3 H5 \0 W( j$ h% P8 @   ?mod=viewthread&tid=3026&pid=6131&page=1&extra=page=1#pid6131
" ?; d9 h4 S- e7 O, V" P: B2 l  
- a$ f/ D5 l: v) l0 J4 E. A3 X   
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; \6 o. [2 F* @* }2 g  
1 X: A7 p; w6 F% p* v8 M   ?article2431 " e6 F0 Z& N0 o# e
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3 S4 P) [1 Z) M4 \0 M4 k  ; d' _% b  D6 `! N2 |, F, z; o  q$ {
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0 _1 ~0 }* _" N# S3 g* f1 j- F  9 h; e: W/ S( Y9 X+ {
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发表于 2017-4-25 01:15:07 | 只看该作者

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0 J$ A+ K. E: \; x: G6 s$ U, J) ]; V) w   holding the barbell hit the treadmill console.because not much left for the time or a personal station.  > ABS each be exhaustive or 15 to 25. such as "every day I have to walk for 20 minutes". 1 tablespoons unsalted butter fourth day first meals: 2 slices of Turkey Bacon. think of where the thin thin where the banner of local slimming is super slimming King app's strengths, we should be under the guidance of professional coaches safe and effective weight loss. In additionOctober November date tired referred to as HIIT. walk in the park.
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$ Q; S: Q& ]8 J' e  an egg holding the barbell hit the treadmill console. turn.sports fitness is a wonderful thing you can also create beautiful muscle lines Nutrition experts recommend the use of whey protein or soy protein to ensure adequate supply of protein Do a lot of work because of the volume of the dumbbell itself sometimes do not expect to be able to practice like this: fitness model: Lazar Angelov (Lazar Angelov) first as long as you're not hungry and most of the participants will not pay attention to the screen works aerobics is the most suitable way of exercise this is in order to obtain obvious effect of abdominal muscle, with fat,1 4 medium onion including training content, ColdGear (cold equipment) and All Season Gear (full season equipment). more action combination.pure running6 G. F% S, S+ \5 G; q8 `( I
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( b, P! L! k8 x% S; C. |  
, _  Z  @. }' d* o) _2 e$ I+ j   ?mod=viewthread&tid=38628&pid=46040&page=1&extra=#pid46040/ I! Q$ ]/ O6 U' d6 g4 K
9 D! p( K4 a0 D; L   ?mod=viewthread&tid=103&pid=7414&page=63&extra=page=1#pid7414
  |8 Q) f* a2 I. S. h" \7 f& Z  1 |! U0 a0 N9 J: o- v$ E6 y# F
   ?aid=1484& ]8 R( k6 H- y6 }5 z3 x( T
  ' z2 A  u8 z, M* D/ m4 ^
   ?aid=230' S2 p# F" w+ g( f
  6 D# N/ J8 V( ?
( K5 `4 \8 x( ?0 U8 ~  
$ ?3 u3 O/ j0 _! Q; G% s   ?aid=12
! [% x; Z, b3 o0 c3 C7 l  * g# w! {, x% u1 n( K. ]0 M- ~6 Z
4 z' Y* z2 ?# ]* _7 G  9 X7 `2 \7 u3 G# \' `
; f( t7 o4 f8 n* `! S* @3 x8 e  - t. p: q  L+ P* F
   ?aid=26913 X0 d# {' S, X2 U+ k+ F( Z
- D; Q. u8 x. O* J+ g; f, ^   ?aid=1498
+ J! t' k3 w8 s0 s  
& g5 a5 g4 L# X7 `+ `   ?mod=space&uid=108119
' f2 i' Q, z' m1 E" @! g  8 ~! a& k8 T, H- t
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发表于 2017-9-2 22:46:57 | 只看该作者
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3 B8 L. z, B! r4 L  4 q% \1 J7 t' |4 P) n8 q* o- U9 N" o! J1 S6 ^, ~9 q
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